Top Energizing Marijuana Strains-That’ll keep you Active All day Long

Most people associate cannabis with the feeling of being relaxed, calm and even spaced out. Not many people think of hitting the pipe and then hitting the gym but there are several marijuana strains that are good for precisely this. Several strains have been found to assist with insomnia, stress and anxiety, helping to calm the body and mind and ensure relaxation. For this reason, those of us who are a little more prone to getting tired, fatigued and sleepy during the day will avoid cannabis like the plague although this thinking isn’t exactly correct. There are actually several marijuana strains that have gained popularity for their ability to increase energy.

Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie isn’t quite as intense as Tangie, nor does it provide as much focus as Sour Diesel, but its high is more euphoric and relaxed than either, and it becomes very predictable after the first use. Its effects have been known to battle anxiety, depression and stress, eating disorders, nausea and minor pain.


A sativa-heavy strain called Harlequin. The interesting thing about Harlequin is that it is low in THC and high in CBD, which is great for people who don’t react well to THC. Super THC-heavy strains can cause anxiety and paranoia for some users, effectively canceling out the benefits of smoking bud. With Harlequin, however, low THC levels offer reduced psychoactive effects and a big jolt of energy. Often used for treating pain, Harlequin will keep you clear headed, alert, and ready to power through a workout.


Ecto-Cooler is a prime strain for daytime use, after-work fun or entertaining the after-party. Its energetic effects can relax the body’s daily aches and pains, providing euphoria without making the mind think too much. But stay a hit or two short of your limit and the strain can also be productive, allowing users to maintain focus during the rush. Medical benefits include treating exhaustion, stress, mental anguish, minor pain and nausea.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a straight up sativa with a reputation for providing clear-headed, long-lasting highs. Ideal for staying creative or just getting a lot done, Durban Poison provides the perfect kick of energy. Blending sweet and spicy aromas, this strain is also known for smelling and tasting great.

Offering up one of the cleanest pure head highs around, Durban Poison is the perfect toke before hitting the trail for a hike or any other outdoor activity. The strain’s resiny buds also make it an excellent choice for extractions, delivering tasty, effective concentrates convenient for any day trip.


Depression and stress are often battled to stunning effect using this strain. It’s strong, euphoric influence creates a powerful mental shift. The sativa heavy strain produces a dreamy cerebral effect. Chocolope is also known to have an earthy, sweet coffee flavor and is bred from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze.


Although named after a powerful rifle, AK-47 doesn’t put a hole in your head. Its alert, euphoric effects are perfect for daytime chores and social activities, while its focus and slight body high keep the anxiety at bay. Still, a couple puffs too many will eventually bring a strong comedown. It’s been used to treat anxiety, exhaustion, stress, eating disorders and mental anguish.

Green Crack

A sharp energy and focus is easily attained through this truly energizing strain. Its invigorating qualities gives you a mental buzz that is perfect for helping those struggling with fatigue and depression. Green Crack is descended from Skunk #1 and has a tangy, fruity flavor.

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