Some Nutritious Munchies for Stoners: Get High and Eat Healthy

Smoking weed and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible, albeit challenging  just like any diet. In fact, there’s even a way to continue enjoying your munchies after a session, without having to loosen the button on your jeans.

When it comes to high munchies, every smoker has an individual taste and depending on the weed, people might prefer a variety of sweet and salty, light and filling. Luckily, there are a plethora of healthy snack items to choose from after smoking weed which should suit just about anybody’s preferences.

A bad case of the munchies can cause some serious angst day after when you realize you’ve consumed all your calories for the whole month in one short afternoon. Even if you’re not a calorie-counter, you know that chicken and waffles at 11pm on a Sunday night is not a good idea for your waistline. But you don’t have to avoid cannabis entirely out of fear of the munchies adding pounds and inches. In fact, eating small amounts throughout a day of healthy foods may actually help you lose weight.

Healthy munchies can make that post-joint snack that much more satisfying without worrying about the calories later!


Traditional popcorn is only about 270 calories per 2.5 ounces, compared to a bag of regular microwave popcorn. Low-fat microwave popcorn is another low-calorie option at only 300 calories a bag

Yogurt + Cereal = Delicious

Yogurt is extremely healthy alone, providing a great source of calcium and vitamin D as well as live cultures to help the stomach. Watch out for “fruit on the bottom” brands though – they defeat the purpose by adding in preservatives and sugar-infused fruits. Instead, just add fresh fruit. Or, as an alternative to that, use your favorite cereal if it goes along with it). You’ll be able to get a serving of grains in with your meal, meaning an addition of fiber, protein, vitamins like folate, and tons of minerals.


Blueberries are delicious, perfectly bite-sized, and bursting with antioxidants. These fresh little berries give the perfect amount of fiber, which helps you feel full and sweet to curb those food cravings. The best part is that you can eat an entire carton and not feel the slightest bit guilty. Quite the reverse — blueberries are insanely good for you.

Blueberries contain fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Research suggests that these nutritious berries can even decrease your risk of many forms of cancer, and improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and regulation of blood sugar levels. Blueberries are some of our staffs top choice when it comes to satisfying marijuana munchies without sacrificing diet goals.


For those that reach for candy when they’re high, Nurse Heather suggests trying fruit instead. Packed with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and terpenes, fruit goes great with cannabis. Mangoes, for example, have the terpene myrcene and can extend or elevate the high for some people. Those who smoke their cannabis might be lacking in certain vitamins including Vitamin C, so fruit is a natural way to supplement your nutrient intake.

Fresh Veggies

Keep a box or reusable bag full of some bite size vegetables for when you’re looking to get rid of that hunger. Vegetables, as we know, contain essential vitamins and minerals, and are overall good for the body, containing little fat and sugar. For density, go ahead and include some type of spread – peanut butter or cream cheese will work, just be conservative in your portioning. Reduce your risk for chronic diseases – eat more vegetables!

Banana Ice Cream

Not banana flavored ice cream. No, we mean actual frozen bananas. You’ll want to prep this ahead of time to have on hand because it takes a while to freeze. Put several frozen bananas in a food processor and blend until smooth. Once blended, eat immediately. Or add some of your favorite ice cream ingredients. Want chocolate ice cream? Add a ¼ tsp vanilla and 3 tbsp cocoa powder. Love peanut butter? Add a couple tablespoons peanut or other nut butter for a peanut butter ice cream to die for. Other ideas: berries, honey, dark chocolate chips, the options are endless!


Depending on your personality and preference, nuts can be the perfect healthy, bite-sized snack to curb marijuana munchies. Roasted or unroasted, our favorites are almonds, peanuts, and pistachios. Depending on your high, pistachios can either be a great way to occupy your hands — or opening each single pistachio can seem the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.

  • Almonds are as full of flavor as they are nutrients. Of all tree nuts, almonds rank highest in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin content by weight.
  • Lower in fiber than other options, cashews are still packed with vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants. Be mindful when binge-eating though, as cashews can get pricey.
  • Peanuts, the cheapest and probably most often consumed of all the nuts, are an excellent source for many vitamins and minerals. They contain niacin, folate, riboflavin, potassium, zinc, and even iron. Eat up!
  • Easily one of the tastiest nuts, pistachios are also abundant in fiber, protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Studies show their health benefits may even include a healthier gut, lowered blood sugar, and may even promote weight loss. Can we say WIN?

 Avocado Toast

Yes, we’re aware of how seriously hipster it is to talk about avocado toast, but for real, guys, this is delicious and sooooo good for you. Avocado is a nutrient bombshell of healthy fats and antioxidants. Whether you fancy it up by turning your avocado toast into a masterpiece of fresh fruit, herbs, and eggs, or if you keep it simple as slices of avocado on your toast, this is still a hunger-satisfying masterpiece that you can eat a ton of without any worries over your weight.

 Chocolate protein Bars

Here’s the catch, though choose options that are low in processed sugars and additives and high in natural ingredients. Choose the options packed with nuts, oats, and real fruit. And while the chocolate caramel coco bar might look and taste amazing, it shouldn’t be a frequent go-to if you’re trying to control your weight. Kind Bars, Lara Bars, Health Warrior Superfood Protein Bars, Square Organics, GoMacro Macrobars are just a few examples of the great options out there.

 Water or Coconut Water

Research has determined that cannabis users have more problems with their oral and dental health than the general population. When a person has dry mouth, they don’t have enough saliva necessary for good oral health. So, cannabis users should drink water to relieve cottonmouth. Coconut water is another great choice because it has electrolytes and nutrients.

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