Snoop Dogg Launched First Cookbook, From Crook To Cook

Some of the rap king’s favorite munchies and meals brought to your kitchen.

Following his Emmy-nominated cookery show with Martha Stewart, the rapper will share recipes for chicken, lobster and ‘snacks to satisfy those munchies’

Cannabis veterans know how to do cannabis right. They know how to smoke it, dab it, vape it, rip it, prep it, roll it… and yes, eat it. While veteran Snoop Dogg’s first cookbook came out in October won’t have recipes that include cannabis as an ingredient, they’re fitting to satisfy the munchies that cannabis tends to create as a precursor for cooking up a meal.

It’s no secret Snoop Dogg has branched his investments out of the music industry. It’s obvious he’ll be grabbing his fare share of cannabis profits as well as sinking his hands into the domestic markets Martha Stewart has helped him pursue — since they’re clearly forming an offbeat alliance by appearing in a cooking show together (on season 2) called “Martha & Snoops Potluck Dinner Party”.

Was this Snoop’s inspiration towards writing up a cookbook? Probably. But it features all of the rapper’s favorite dishes ranging from classics like baked mac-and-cheese to exquisite plates like lobster thermidor. The 50 recipes fashion a cookbook that’s 192 pages long and includes munchie recipes as well as a “gin and juice” — all coming from “the boss Dogg’s kitchen”.

If you’re a fan of either Snoop Dogg or are searching for delicious home cooking recipes fit for a veteran munchie-eater, this cookbook clearly needs to be in your home. You may just find a new favorite munchie for when the indica strikes again.

You can order Snoop’s cookbook on Amazon or Target’s website – where Martha Stewart’s products are sold.

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