Mike Tyson Is Filming A Show About His Life As A Marijuana Grower

Take whatever you associate with Mike Tyson (boxing, ear biting, fervent love of pigeons) and toss it out wild into the marijuana fields like the rich, hearty manure it is. That’s probably not how marijuana is grown, but if Tyson succeeds in getting his new TV show made, you’ll find out for sure one way or another.  According to Page Six, Mike Tyson is reportedly shopping around a scripted comedy series based on his life as as a burgeoning weed magnate, entitled, of course, Rolling With The Punches. The one and only, Mike Tyson is back in the news and looking to get back on TV. Iron Mike is currently developing a television sitcom based on his life as a cannabis grower and entrepreneur. Production on “Rolling with the Punches” has already begun and stars Tyson, his bodyguard Chuck Zito, and Russell Peters as his “useless best friend.” Mike Tyson is an advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis, and this new show will further cement the fact. This is indeed an interesting bit of news and some we are looking forward to see come to fruition.

Tyson explained the premise of the show, which is loosely based on the former boxer’s real life. “It’s simple. I’m playing a retired boxer who is growing marijuana,” Tyson said. “It’s basically me acting like me, so people can get a look at what my life could be like in different scenarios.”

Tyson’s business partner Rob Hickman said that Joe Roth, who used to run 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios, is producing and a sizzle reel has already been delivered to the top networks. Hickman expects the show to be on the air in five months.

Ground was broken in December on Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre plot of land about 60 miles southwest of Death Valley National Park.

Besides growing premium pot, Tyson Ranch will feature a cultivation school to teach growers the latest technology, an edible factory, a hydro-feed and supply store, plus cabins and “glamping” campgrounds for stoner tourists.

Advertising marijuana and pot products is banned, but Tyson Ranch merchandise will be featured on the show.

Tyson is a big proponent of weed’s health benefits and said 85 percent of pro athletes use some form of cannabis to relieve pain, inflammation and anxiety.
“I smoke it all day, every day,” Tyson said.

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