Edible hemp oil store in Minnesota Provides best Medicinal CBD products

The Twin Cities metro area’s first edible-hemp store provides best cbd products. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Minnesota Hempdropz opened in Maplewood. The store is the first in the metro area that is entirely devoted to hemp products for consumption.

Co-owners Abbie Schneider and Doug Herkenhoff say hemp is related to marijuana, but the product is legal in Minnesota and doesn’t give a high.

Hemp has gotten a lot of people interested and excited in Maplewood, and for a good reason. Given the hemp revolution that’s fast sweeping across the country, one strip store in Maplewood is taking things a notch higher. They opened a store that’s committed to offering hemp products. All the products that are sold in the store contain CBD.

Items for sale at the stores include gummies, water-soluble drops, pain cream, face cream, tinctures, and animal products.

What makes Minnesota Hempdropz unique is that they are getting into the market and positioning themselves as your one-stop shop for all things cannabidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the active ingredient in hemp that offers the benefits that hemp is popular for. CBD is also present in marijuana, though marijuana has a high potency level of THC, the ingredient that makes you high.

There are a lot of products that are available when you visit this store. You can get hemp products that you can use as water-soluble drops, tincture, facial cream, cream for chronic pain, and you can even have the products in the form of gummies. Who can benefit from this? Well, if you’re struggling with acne, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, or need pain relief, you might want to think beyond the conventional prescription medicine and get CBD products instead.

Another store carries products manufactured in Colorado and distributed by parent company CBD Hempdropz, which was created by Emily Christianson and supplies 7 locations across the country.

CBD Hempdropz has opened three stores in Missouri and two in Florida before making the move to Minnesota.

“Minnesota has by far been the biggest growth so far,” Christianson say.

“Our demographic is the 40-70 year olds, arthritis and fibromyalgia,” Christianson notes. “Any inflammation. We do get our share of 30 something year old moms with anxiety.”

Because the products only use CBD taken from the hemp plant – and not its sister marijuana plant – it’s legal in all 50 states. However, it will take a while to fight the stigma that has been associated with hemp for many years. According to the co-owner of Minnesota Hempdropz, Abbie Schneider, a lot of people seek clarification on many things, some of which are common knowledge, but this is expected from an industry that’s still in the infancy stage.

Marijuana advocate Tom Gallagher says the hemp stores is a step toward marijuana public acceptance and legalization.

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