What Is Kief and Why Is It Stronger Than Regular Marijuana?

The term Kief comes from the Arabic word “kif” that means pleasure and intoxication. Kief represents a fine powder made of the resin glands or trichomes that are found in the marijuana plant. Compared to the pure cannabis flowers, Kief offers much bigger pleasure because it contains a greater amount of psychoactive cannabinoids. People are getting more stoned and they are able to experience a higher level of the psychoactive effect.

Purer kief is lighter in color. Dark green kief indicates there’s a lot of plant matter in the mix. This is because the kief hasn’t been cleaned very well. When kief is cleaned properly, it produces an off-white color. Kief that is extracted correctly separates the trichome crystals from the plant matter, leaving only the purest (and most potent) parts of the plant behind.

Similar to the other strains of fresh cannabis, Kief offers many health benefits as well. It depends on the cannabis strain, but nowadays they are different types of strains available on the market so it is not hard to find a type the will suit you according to your needs.

Individuals who consume cannabis strains with high THC levels to help treat different medical conditions are ideal candidates for kief consumption. Kief can act as an alternative to cannabis bud and edibles because it’s more potent, and it can be added onto or into different substances. For example, kief can be added onto a freshly packed bowl, in a joint or blunt, in a cannabis-infused recipe, or sprinkled into tea or coffee.

When you find the strain that is the most beneficial to you (based on your symptoms), just collect the Kief from that particular strain by using the pollen catcher or three chambered grinders.

Separating kief is easy. You can purchase a standard grinder with a filtration screen built-in, which allows you to collect the kief in the grinder’s lower chamber and then sprinkle it onto pipes or joints at your leisure.

Another more professional method of refining kief is a series of microscreens, often built into wooden boxes (normally called “kief boxes”). These allow you to filter out various grades of product and get to the goal, which is a pure kief made up of nothing but tiny trichome heads rather than the original mix of trichome heads, plant matter, trichome stalks, and various particulate. This super-pure kief is highly-regarded in the cannabis community and is often referred to as “99% sift,” indicating that it is close to 99% pure trichome heads.

Generally, it’s recommended to decarboxylate kief before using it to create cannabis-infused edibles, butter, or oil. If this is done, it allows users to get the most out of their kief as possible. The process of decarboxylating kief is to mostly make cannabis-infused edibles stronger in addition to gaining the most out of kief.

When kief is heated it burns very quickly. To avoid unnecessary waste, space your kief over the outside lining of the bowl. This will keep the kief burning longer in between hits.

The easiest way to use kief is by sprinkling it over flower. You can do this with any bowl, joint, blunt etc. When opting for this method, remember that a little bit of kief goes a long way. Kief is much more potent than flower.

People are consuming Kief when they want to reduce the unpleasant feelings of stress and anxiety. Studies are showing the field scene is highly beneficial in reducing depression and anxiety in patients.

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