Washington state will pause new marijuana candy rules for one month

Washington state pot regulators will pause a plan that could have taken common marijuana-infused candies off store shelves.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board will now take 30 days to accept public comment and allow industry groups to propose alternative edibles rules, the board announced in a press release.

The move is a reversal from earlier this month when the Liquor and Cannabis Board announced it would “reevaluate” all marijuana edibles in the state to make sure they weren’t appealing to children. While rules banning pot products that appeal to children have long been on the books in Washington, the board said it had received complaints that some products on store shelves were too similar to common commercial candies and could attract children.

The board said it would require all edibles producers to resubmit their products for review and approval. In an online presentation, the agency advised that “all production” of hard candies, tarts, fruit chews, colorful chocolates, jellies and gummy-type products should cease because such candies wouldn’t pass the new reevaluation.

The move prompted backlash from the industry. Producers wondered if products they’d been selling for years in Washington’s legal cannabis stores would now be banned. In a letter to the WSLCB on Oct. 8, three industry groups asked the agency to “immediately rescind” the new candy guidance, calling it “arbitrary and sudden.”

“No regulated industry can survive when regulatory activity is unpredictable,” they wrote.

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