Try A Chilled Glass of Green: Lagunitas Debuts Alcohol-Free Cannabis Sparkling Water

Produced in conjunction with CannaCraft, a manufacturer of cannabis-based products, Lagunitas Brewing Company supplies the tasty, “Hi-Fi Hops,” an IPA-inspired sparkling water, while CannaCraft is responsible for the THC-infusion process, and applies methods to ensure that THC is evenly dispersed throughout the beverage, essentially making every drop of the hop-based H20 dankly delicious.

CannaCraft’s sub-brand AbsoluteXtracts, spent several months perfecting the formulation of Hi-Fi. Through a proprietary extraction and emulsification process, they were able to remove the cannabis flavor so the hops flavor shines through, as well as evenly distribute the cannabis oil throughout the beverage to create consistent enjoyment while drinking.

It will come in two varieties, including one containing 10 mg of THC, a principal psychoactive chemical in marijuana. The other will have 5 milligrams of THC and 5 mg of cannabidiol, or CBD, a cannabis compound used to treat pain. The drinks do not contain alcohol.

Lagunitas was founded in 1993 by Tony Magee, an avid cannabis user whose marketing long promoted a stoner-friendly culture. So the push into the cannabis drinks market is not surprising for one of the nation’s largest craft brewers, now wholly owned by Heineken International.

It also not the first or largest foray by alcohol-beverage makers into the expanding cannabis market.

Most beverage producers so far have steered clear of cannabis, especially over concern such blends could jeopardize their federal license to make beer, wine, or spirits because marijuana still is illegal under federal law.

But the lure of a new market is strong and many are exploring ways to enter the sector, valued at up to $7 billion in California.

“I think the alcohol industry is very much paying attention to cannabis and finding out ways to get involved,” said Rebecca Stamey-White, an attorney who represents alcohol beverage producers who want to enter the market. “Most folks are avoiding products containing alcohol and finding ways to leverage their brand in cannabis.”


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