Trouble Meditating? Add Some Cannabis

Even with all the blessings of today, the times we live in are tumultuous. From countrywide rioting to health care arguments, increasing opioid use, and even political turmoil in Washington, many feel overwhelmed, and some even helpless. Ending the craziness seems impossible, but we can take control of our physical and mental wellbeing.

Marijuana legalization is reigniting a desire in people to live healthier, even motivating us to take responsibility for our own health by taking advantage of all the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. Humans have been meditating for centuries already, yet today, it seems reserved as some sort of luxury. Meditation is good for body, mind and soul.

Meditation is an ancient practice which can alleviate many of the frustrations and tribulations that this modern hectic life brings us.

A wonderful aspect of meditating is that it doesn’t require much of anything – all you need is a peaceful place where you can sit and relax without any harsh sounds or visual distractions.

I suggest you try stretching your body before meditating, this will make the sitting session more comfortable.

The other necessities are a comfortable cushion (or a chair that allows you to sit with a proper posture), some loose-fitting clothes, your phone turned on silent… and that’s pretty much it.

According to many health practitioners, frequent meditation reduces stress and improves overall health, and according to humankind’s history, it is more effective when combined with our favorite companion – cannabis. On their own, both marijuana and meditation have similar effects. Combining them, however, amplifies both.

This is evident in South Asia already. Several religious sects, including Shaivites, Naths and Buddhists, have introduced marijuana into their meditation rituals. They believe the combination brings heightened awareness, as weed slows the mind and helps it enter the correct state of “profound stillness.” They are correct: It certainly has profound benefits and it is not difficult to do.

Basic Rundown on Meditation Techniques

There are a few basic methods of meditation, so before moving on to more advanced techniques, try these ones first:

Concentration Meditation

This kind of meditation involves the person focusing on one specific thing, which could be following your breath, counting the beads on a mala (Buddhist prayer beads), repeating a word in your mind (a mantra), or closely watching a flame from a candle.

Keeping your mind centered is naturally a difficult task for beginners, but the point of this type of meditation is to get back on track as soon as your thoughts start running away – which gets much easier with time.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness involves the meditator passively noticing the thoughts that arise without deliberately invoking them, the point of this meditation is to not to get attached to one specific thought, but rather to let the thoughts flow in an uninterrupted stream.

With this technique you can observe your thought patterns moving in a distinct way and training yourself not to automatically judge them as good or bad strengthens your inner peace and overall psychological balance.

Cultivation of Compassion

This type of meditation is frequently used by Buddhist monks and nuns. The basic principle is to visualize a negative event from your past and transform all the bad emotions that relate to it through the power of compassion.

Consuming the right dosage of a medium-strong Indica strain will get you closer to that sought after state of stillness, while your level of awareness remains clear, perhaps even elevated.

Cannabis truly affects everyone differently, so the best way to determine what is suited for you is by trial and error.

For certain individuals it will be even more difficult to focus while high, so if you find your mind wandering, it’s probably best to leave your stoned time for after the meditation.

If you’re looking for a bulletproof way to determine if you’re the type of person who can focus, smoke a bit of Indica (or an Indica-dominant hybrid) while you’re already positioned in the meditation posture, and all will be revealed.

If you’ve been consuming cannabis for some time now, you’re aware of how marijuana affects you, so it’ll be easy to figure out if you should engage in meditation while high, or leave those inspiring green moments for some other activity.

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