Tony Greenhand Makes a Living, Rolling the World’s Most Insane Joints

At just 26 years old, Tony Greenhand is considered the master of artistic joint rolling. From smokable renditions of Pokemon and popular superheroes, to birds and dinosaurs, there is virtually no shape that he couldn’t roll a joint into.

Greenhand has been a crafty guy for as long as he can remember, but he wasn’t always good at rolling joints. His first attempt, as a teen living in rural Washington state, was a total disaster. It was supposed to be a basic cone-shaped joint, but after living too much saliva on the rolling paper, it turned out hideously deformed. He remembers feeling pretty humiliated, but he didn’t let the experience bring him down. He bought an ounce of weed and spent an entire weekend rolling up every last bit of it. By Sunday night, he had mastered the conical joint, but that was only the beginning.

After dropping out of high-school, Tony became more involved in the underground weed business, and his reputation for perfect rolls made him the go-to guy for joints among his grower friends. He soon started experimenting with more complex shapes, and he says that his first creation was a “non-spectacular” rocket. Soon he was creating alligator or dragon-shaped joints, and after a friend urged him to post a photo of a pipe-shaped joint on Reddit – a site he had never even heard of – he managed to blow the minds of potheads who never knew artistic joint rolling was actually a thing.

He also has a burgeoning consulting business. “I talk to people in basically every [marijuana-friendly] state. Help them format their businesses so that they run smoothly,” he said.

Though Greenhand wouldn’t say exactly how much he makes per year selling his creations, he told Vocativ it’s enough to “live comfortably.”

Tony has created special joints for a number of celebrities, including rappers B.o.B., The Flatbush Zombies and B-real of Cypress Hill, but says he will roll one for whoever reaches out to him online. Delivering them is the tricky part, as he can’t simply can’t put the joints in the mail or have them delivered by UPS. Clients have to meet him in Oregon, pay to have him come to them or accept a hollowed out shell that they can then fill with their own weed.

There are obviously some tricky aspects to working in such a unique industry. Greenhand can’t legally ship his creations across state lines, though he says he is able to ship hollow joint “sculptures” that customers can then fill with whatever they want.

Greenhand’s visually stunning work might draw fans in, but his quintessential smoking-buddy vibes are just as vital to his success. The guy has shoulder-length brown hair, a broad smile and dresses like the teenager behind the counter at a beach town ice cream shop. Proximately 80,000 people watch his Snapchat stories every day, looking for a peek into his world.

He shot scenes for an upcoming movie alongside Jonah Hill and Joaquin Phoenix – a movie that has nothing to do with marijuana. He tells director Gus Van Sant reached out after seeing an article about his work and realizing Greenhand perfectly encapsulated the vibe he’d been envisioning for the role of a laid-back caretaker. “I thought it was going to be really stressful and ended up being more relaxed than I anticipated,” Greenhand says. “I hope in the end it turns out alright.”

Considering Greenhand forged his own celebrity out of some paper, some pot and a camera, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect audiences will find his unfiltered self immensely appealing. Who knows: there could be art galleries, reality TV, or more movies in his future. But for my own sake, and for that of all my fellow stoned scrollers, I do hope that Greenhand will continue to post shots of his best work online. After all, no one else who produces marijuana-related social media can quite match his talent with papers – or his way of making creations so perfectly packaged for Instagram.

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