These Fruitful Cannabis Strains will keep your Mouth Watering and your Head High

Today, we have thounsands of cannabis strains with tens of different traits, so that virtually any type of grower can easily find what he’s looking for. Today we’ll focus on strains with fruity flavour, like oranges, lemons, strawberries or blueberries.  Bad tasting weed is reason enough to ruin any great moment with friends or even induce bad side effects to people that are not careful. Even if the quality of the smoke is alright, there are indeed many people who are growing tired of the earthly, less-than-impressive taste of the most common cannabis strains. After all, getting high in the right way is somewhat of a mantra for cannabis aficionados.

A brief google search about fruit-flavored cannabis might actually end up confusing you, rather than help you; truth is that there are hundreds of fruity tasting/smelling varieties out there. Whether you like pineapple, lemon, strawberry, tangerine or mango, there is surely something out there to make your mouth water. Not to mention the pleasant aroma that will flood your grow room!


Originally developed by the famous breeder DJ Short, this strain comes all the way from the golden ‘70s era and is now tastier than ever! This mostly Indica variety has dedicated fans that highly suggest it for its fruity goodness.

It’s not all about looks anyway: Blueberry is quite potent too! Being a dominant Indica strain makes up for some high THC count. In plain words, prepare your couch and have a nice, tasty bodily high! With most Blueberry varieties, it is very likely that your high will last for hours and frequently alternate between stony to euphoric.

Citric Strains

These are the most common fruity strains. Some of the most famous ones have a lemony taste, like Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds, Super Lemon Haze by Green House seeds or Lemon Skunk.

However, and depending on concentrations and interactions with other terpenes, another limonene isomer can also produce a scent more similar to oranges or mandarins. Without a doubt, Orange Bud – a particularly smelly Skunk phenotype which became a legend in many Dutch coffee shops – is one of the classics from the 80s with this trait. Recently, The guys at Dutch Passion presented a new version of this classic, an Orange Bud x California Orange hybrid which they’ve called Orange Hill.

For those that prefer orange tones, Try California Orange by Dutch passion, Tangie by DNA Genetics or Cream Mandarine by Sweet Seeds. And of course, there’s the famous Sweet Deep Grapefruit by Dinafem which has a distinctive taste of… you guessed it, grapefruit.

Juicy Fruit

Not to be confused with the popular bubblegum brand (although they are similar in terms of taste), Juicy Fruit cannabis was bred by Sensi Seeds. It was crossed with Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa. The end product resulted in a healthy, vigorous plant with beautiful green/purple twists. When flowering, hints of orange and lavender show up into the stems and trichome heads.

The flowering time is approximately 7-9 weeks and the THC level hovers around 15-20%. The smell is pungent and sweet, resembling something close to a fruit basket and lemon tree. The effects are mild and very pleasant, owing to the sativa heritage. If want a smoke that will lift you and not drag you, while simultaneously pleasures your taste and olfactory receptors, look no further.

Mango Kush

The indica-dominant hybrid Mango Kush is well-known for its strong flavor and aroma mimicking tropical fruits and mangos with a skunky undertone. Sometimes reviewers can note a bit of a piney aftertaste as well. Mango Kush buds are distinct in appearance as they’ll usually be dense and covered with vivid orange pistils.

The THC content of Mango Kush averages at around 11%, which is one of the reasons why it tends to be popular with novice consumers. Reviewers have stated its high tends to create a body buzz as its indica properties emerge, and the sativa side is noticeable when conversations become more fun and the giggles arise. Some have reported that Mango Kush also increases appetite, so it’s possible that this might be a great strain for various social occasions.

However, Mango Kush can sometimes lead to sedation according to a few reviewers, so keep this in mind if planning to go out.

Both indoor and outdoor growers enjoy cultivating mango Kush, with its highest yields reaped when temperatures remain between 70-80 degrees and its bottom branches are pruned to increase air circulation. Its height usually never reaches over five feet.

Maui Wowie

Some Maui is very tropical-smelling, with hints of sweet fruits and a floral quality — others (the ones with a greater Indica influence) have a more pine-dominant profile. There is some variation between the purer Sativa-dominant Maui and the pine-scented one — the pure Maui has a softly sweet flavor while the other one has a more earthy pine flavor with a hint of lemon. Maui strains can sometimes border on rushy body-wise, and normally will give a vibrating body sensation — not one for really relieving pain, it’s much more of a mental strain, providing aid with depression, anxiety, appetite stimulation, and migraines. Most Maui strains grow tall and lanky and may need support when flowering.  The seedbank varieties are often hybrids containing Indica genetic lines and produce very well for commercial pursuits, growing more stout and dense compared to the pure Maui lines.


A cross between the Romulan and Blueberry, this 70% Indica-dominant, offers a strong bodily stone, with only a mild mental buzz. By combining the strong narcotic effects of the Romulan with the tastiness of Blueberry, the Romberry makes up for a great all-round strain that will both relax and satisfy your senses as well.

The buds are dense and round, with lots of sticky resin and brightly orange pistils. Its worth mentioning that this strain is not mold resistant and therefore it is not recommended to grow Romberry plants hydroponically or in a greenhouse. If you go ahead and do it anyways, be sure to provide them with ample ventilation!


Tangie is a sativa that has a pungent orange scent to it with wafts of sweet undertones. You can definitely taste the citrus notes upon inhaling and when exhaling you get a smoky sweetness that lingers on the tongue and lips. The orange scent will stay on your fingertips, so enjoy sniffing them afterwards. The buds were a darker green and had tangerine orange hairs that popped through with luminous crystals that shined bright like a diamond. This was a very uplifting and energizing strain. Tangie is a great strain to wake you up, with it’s spectacular scent and invigorating effects you’ll want this when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or fatigued. You can also smoke this in social situations because it gets you out of that scared or nervous element and puts you in the now.

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