Myrcene: Synergistic Cannabis Terpene & Why Is It Important?

Myrcene is a terpene found in essential oils sourced from a multitude of plants. β-myrcene is an acyclic monoterpene commonly found in nature (along with other terpenes) in the essential oil of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), hop (Humulus lupus), verbena (Verbena Officinalis), mango (Mangifera Indica), thyme (Thymus Vulgaris), bay (Laurus Nobilis) and Cannabis Sativa.

Myrcene’s volatile nature makes it somehow difficult to utilise on its own, and it is commonly used as an intermediate by the fragrance industry for the production of derivative terpenes.

It has been widely tested for safety, investigating genotoxicity of the monoterpene and screened by salmonella/microsome assay, demonstrating that it is not a mutagenic compound.

It is also noted for its presence in various strains of cannabis sativa. Based on modern-day studies of this terpene, it’s able to offer a wide array of medicinal benefits. It is also cited for its positive influence on the perfume-making industry as it can create a unique quality to specially crafted fragrances.

Myrcene appears to have various medicinal properties in its own right. More than one study has investigated the compound for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and one study also demonstrated it to have sedative and motor relaxant effects, along with limonene and citral.

B-myrcene is a natural compound with a stellar safety profile which could significantly improve immune functions, as well as decrease pain sensation in patients suffering from inflammatory as well as chronic pain.

Given the known anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of cannabis, it is important to discern the qualities that can provide the correct terpene synergy to manage different disorders such as ostheoarthritis, neuropathic pain or dermatitis.

It has also been shown that myrcene, linalool and eucalyptol may exert a protective effect against oxidative cell damage that can cause cancer; that limonene, pinene and myrcene may exert directly tumoricidal effects on cancer cells; and that of four terpenes–pinene, carene, limonene and myrcene–myrcene exerted the strongest anti-invasive effect on metastatic human breast cancer cells.

Due to its calming profile and ability to offer a soothing sensation to the body’s nervous system, this terpene provides a wide array of pain relief benefits. Whether it is tested on mice or humans, this terpene is able to deliver incredible changes to how well the body reacts to pain. It can numb the sensation and keep it away for long periods of time. This can be essential for chronic pain conditions.

Muscle spasms can be triggered at any stage and often refuse to calm down without the inclusion of a natural solution such as this one. It is able to reduce the spasms and take control of how the body reacts.

In essence, it is able to block the involuntary sensation that causes a muscle to “twitch” or spasm out of control. With an appropriate dosage, the spasm can be controlled due to the terpene’s antispasmodic qualities.

Famous cannabis strains high in the myrcene terpene represent predominantly well-known indica and hybrid varieties. Studies have shown that myrcene tends to encourage the notorious “couch-lock” induced by the sedative qualities of THC and a high concentration of Myrcene. At the same time, many myrcene strains are known for producing joyful and euphoric effects, in addition to an overall feeling of relaxation.


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