Is A Weed Hangover, A Real Thing?

While usually milder than an alcohol hangover, weed hangovers can leave users feeling lethargic, foggy-minded and slightly sick the day after use. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid or at least lessen this hangover effect.

Scientists haven’t spent much time studying this phenomenon, but there have been two studies on cannabis hangovers. In a 1985 study, researchers tested participants with subjective and performance measures before, immediately after, and the next morning after smoking cannabis. They found there was a mild hangover effect the next day.

In a 1998 study, researchers performed a similar experiment, testing cannabis users with subjective, physiologic, and performance measures before, during and the morning after smoking cannabis. In this study they were unable to find any noticeable hangover effects the following morning, and concluded that the hangover from smoking one cannabis cigarette is minimal.

So while some evidence points to the existence of the cannabis hangover, it doesn’t always affect everyone the same way. Still some cannabis users regularly report feeling hungover the day after cannabis use, with symptoms like headache, lethargy, dryness, nausea, brain fog, and congested sinuses. These hangovers tend to pale in comparison to alcohol hangovers, which can get much more severe in intensity. While an alcohol hangover can escalate to a splitting headache with intense nausea and vomiting, a cannabis hangover is likely to result in only mild headache and nausea.

How to treat Hangover Symptoms?

  • Consume a lot of liquids

When smoking, the dryness is not limited to your eyes and your mouth. You may be dehydrated when you awake. Make an effort to drink some liquids right away.

  • Try to eat some food

In general, you’ll want something gentle on your stomach. Though marijuana is used to combat nausea, it can actually cause nausea in large quantities – – so no spicy food! You will likely find that your nausea goes away after you’ve eaten.

  • Avoid the THC

Your first impulse may be to treat the effects of the weed hangover with more weed. After all, a marijuana hangover causes things such as headaches, nausea — all things that marijuana is used to combat, but that will only increase the amount of THC in your system. Hold off for 24 hours or so before consuming again.

  • Get active

Exercising or simply going for a walk will often make you feel much better. A good shower afterwards is an additional way to help wake up and reinvigorate your system.

  • Sleep it off

Sometimes your body just needs some time to reset. Sleeping for a few hours will give you time to recover without having to think about the hangover!

How to Avoid weed Hangover?

The best way to avoid a pot hangover is to consume slowly and in moderation. Every time you smoke or consume an edible, you should wait the appropriate amount of time for it to take effect. You should also be conscious of the amount of THC in edibles and should not take above the recommended dosage until you are certain of the appropriate dosing amount for you.

The most important thing to remember is that THC hangovers aren’t dangerous and an “overdose” of THC will always resolve itself with time. There are no known lasting effects to an overdose of weed. The good thing is, many people will never experience a marijuana hangover, even if they do consume marijuana heavily or regularly.


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