Good quality Vs Bad quality Weed

Bad weed and Good weed. You can kind of think of these terms as “good,” and “best.” Sure, “bad weed” isn’t good, but it’s better than nothing, right? And of course “good weed” is exactly that; good weed. But according to the internet (and when we mean internet, we mean Google) the most used term for the best weed is “dank weed.” That’s fine, we’ll go with that term for the purpose of this piece. So now that we’ve got all that shit out of the way, how do you know if you’re about to buy or smoke some good weed or bad weed? We’ll break it down for you.

The color and texture of buds have a lot do with the strain’s phenotype and how it’s grown. The soil, amount of light or water, the use of fertilizers (whether organic or synthesized) all affect the strains traits, which results in the density, color, and shape of the finished bud. We wish we could go further into detail over what cultivation techniques augment or affect specific strain traits, that would not only be interesting, but master growers would have it all too easy.

According to the Trichome Institute’s Inerpening Loop Guide, very dense buds strongly correlate with an indica dominant strain whereas whispy open buds correlate with a sativa dominant strain. Overall, top shelf buds don’t look airy or scrawny by any means. Good quality buds are well-manicured, tight trimmed, often sugary and sticky from the trichomes. They should almost shimmer in the light from the trichome density. The color should be vibrant and not dull. Low quality buds can sometimes take a brown or grey appearance in color whereas high quality buds take on a rich and vivid color.

Another easy way to determine good cannabis versus bad is smell. Marijuana should have a fresh smell that you can detect easily. Bad cannabis will smell like hay or grass. Basically, if it doesn’t smell like cannabis, don’t smoke it. When marijuana is well-pollinated and matured, it will grow little orange hairs. That’s the sign of a high quality strain of cannabis. If you see orange hairs, then you know you’re getting the good stuff. This one’s pretty easy, but if you see something off about your marijuana, don’t smoke it. Make sure to check your cannabis for mold or little bugs before buying. And if you see any thin, white hairs that look like a spider web, that’s probably spider mites. Avoid that as well.

Good quality weed should be potent, so if you’re a ‘one-hitter-quitter,’ then you should proceed with caution. The effects should be felt immediately and you shouldn’t have to smoke much to feel its power. Low quality weed may not give you the full “entourage effect,” although these chemicals are clearly at work. This is because it may be extremely low in some of the cannabinoids previously described. Therefore, in order to achieve a desired high, you may have to smoke more of the low quality weed than you would top quality weed given the lower level cannabinoids and potency.

In summary, top quality weed should be therapeutic and potent, colorful and vivid, tasteful and aromatic, and it should reflect the phenotype of the cannabis strain by fully embodying its traits.

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