For the Love of Cannabis: Cannabis-Infused Chocolates for Someone You Care

Versatile, practical and predictable, the advantages of cannabis-infused chocolate are numerous.

It’s shelf-stable and freezes well, homogenizes easily for precise THC doses and it’s flexible for use in a variety of recipes. New cannabis chocolate companies enter the market constantly, each working to distinguish themselves from competitors on dispensary shelves. While pioneering brands such as Bhang, Kiva and Day Dreamers established themselves early as the preeminent cannabis chocolate companies currently enjoying tremendous market share, newcomers offer their own unique interpretations of how to marry cannabis with chocolate to create amazing, tasty bars.

Creating a wonderful synergy when combined with cannabis, cacao could be considered a medicinal super food in its own right. Raw organic cacao contains more antioxidants than blueberries, along with active ingredient theobromine, known as a potent stimulant. Also included in the “food of the gods,” the so-called bliss chemical anandamide contributes to the good vibes contained in pure raw cacao. These effects are the reason why chocolate is traditionally considered to promote the loving feelings that humans associate with romance.

The Satori Chocolates brand seeks to offer consumers a sophisticated marijuana edible experience.

The brand offers a variety of chocolate bars and bites, all of which contain THC – with levels varying to provide options for those seeking a more relaxing experience, versus those who are looking to feel the effects of the THC more. The brand offers milk chocolates and dark chocolates alike, which contain either 10 mg, 40 mg, 90 mg, 160 mg, or 240 mg of THC. The chocolate bars and bites are offered in a few different flavors, with a range that includes everything from raisins and almonds, to blueberries and wild strawberries.

The Satori Chocolates brand is able to appeal to consumers to want that benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it.

Purple Line Media designed the packaging for Cannabis for Cause.

“Cannabis for Cause gives medical grade cannabis oil to cancer patients in need, at no cost. They subsidize their give by selling the best cannabis infused chocolate bar on the market. For every bar sold, C4C gives a dose of medical cannabis oil to a patient in need.” Options include an indica infusion, a sativa infusion and a hybrid blend.C4C provides funds for one 10 mg dose of cannabis oil intended for a cancer patient in need.

The quote by Mother Theresa ties in the charitable promise of C4C but the quote was done in a rough storybook font to tie back in the feel of the packaging.”

The Green Cacao Company offers four products to choose from:

Sativa 15 mg THC per section

Indica 15 mg THC per section

CBD Rich10 mg CBD and 10 mg THC per section

CBD Xtra Rich 15 mg CBD and 1.1 mg THC per section

Each product contained “organic & raw ingredients” and “botanical super foods” with “no agave, cane, dairy, gluten.” The products also have a low glucose indicator. The attractive brown cardboard packages are simple,  well-designed and recyclable. Inside, the four doses are stored in a compostable cellulose packaging with a small instruction sheet that describes each variety.

Unlike a typical Snickers, Green Cacao’s chocolates contain super food ingredients in each bar in addition to the raw cacao such as chicory prebiotics and raw maca. Instead of conventional sugar or “franken-sweeters,” the bars are sweetened with only goji berry and xylitol. For the record, xylitol is a LowGI (low glycemic index) sweetener sourced from USA-grown, GMO-free Birch trees. Ultimately, the bars are nutrient-dense food, not candy.

When you just can’t get enough of your new lover, send them Obsession Chocolates! Created with pure CO2 oil, these individually wrapped pieces deliver 36 mg THC per ingot for 180 mg per box with no cannabis aftertaste. Available in four flavors, including Meyer lemon, salted butter, peanut butter and Aztec chili, which will really spice up your love life!

Experienced users know that consuming cannabis edibles is different than smoking a joint or a bowl. For one thing, the high is usually longer-lasting and more powerful when ingested through food. But it also takes a lot longer to arrive.

This is important to note so you don’t ingest more before the first round kicks in; doing this can result in a much higher high than you desire (you won’t die from your drug levels, but you might feel like you are). The best thing to do is go slow and start low: begin with 10 milligrams, give it time, and go from there. Chocolate cannabis bars aren’t designed to be eaten in the same manner as a Baby Ruth or Butter Finger: a square goes a long way.

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