Difference Between a Good Vape and Bad Vape? Massive and Life-Changing.

Strutting the streets, you can spot a different vaporizer for every city block. Hearty-sized or slim, dry herb or concentrate, sophisticated-sleek or fun and flashy; there’s no end to the options on the vape scene nowadays. But have you ever seen (or been) the person cursing a deadbeat device on the corner? It broke, it leaked, its battery died.

Well, that’s what this post is all about: the make it break it elements of vaporization. Because whether you’re buying cheap pens by the box or preparing to luxuriate over a high-end stationery set — it’s worth maximizing your investment with at least a little know-how.

The difference between a good vape and bad vape? Massive and life-changing.


People prefer vapor to smoke primarily for the health benefits. A high quality vaporizer will gently and evenly heat your herbs, instead of sizzling them with an unwieldy flame. Comparable to the cleaner feeling you get smoking from a fresh pipe versus a grimy overused one, vapor is almost entirely free of the toxins and byproducts that latch onto your inhales when uncontrolled heat causes smoke’s combustion.

Enhance the health benefits from your favorite active ingredients by:

  • Steering clear of dyes, glues, plastics, and fibers on the interior
  • Pairing your device with herbs that haven’t been diluted
  • Look for words like “medical grade,” “health grade,” or “glass vapor path”
  • Convection heating and temperature sensors will keep you clear of combusting
  • Cleaning your vaporizer regularly can make all the difference

A prime example of a clean-delivery design is the Arizer Solo II, which you may have seen on TV.

Difference Between a Good Vape and Bad Vape? Massive and Life-Changing. 1


Just like a vaporizer’s heat, we want a little herb to go a long way. Vape engineering does this naturally by heating your material at a conservative, steady pace instead of sending it off in an uncontrolled swirl of wasted smoke. But there’s always a way to stretch your herbs and extracts even further.

Here’s how to maximize your supply:

  • Choose a vaporizer with auto shut off to avoid heating material when no longer in use
  • Concentrate fans: look for “leak proof,” “spill proof” or “leak technology” so nothing is wasted on the bottom of your pocket
  • Dry herb fans: a desktop device is your best bet for pure premium vapor. Slimmer designs tend to risk combustion and wasted herbs
  • Advanced temperature control (via optimized presets or digital to-the-degree precision) will help you ease up on your herbs when you want to, and go hard when you don’t

The KandyPens Gravity vape is a cleanly-constructed pen designed to prevent leaks and allow for optimized temperatures.


If the exterior isn’t up for the job, the important pieces on the inside don’t stand a chance. The level of durability required will vary from person to person. Do you take your vape to go? Are you or your friends known for their butterfingers? Any pets with powerful tails?

Once you’ve assessed your situation, keep in mind these considerations:

  • Metal and hard plastic tend to hold up the strongest. Stainless steel and titanium are popular materials.
  • Size it right so that you won’t have to force your vape into any too-small pockets or storage spaces after every use
  • Look for long-term warranties and readily available replacement parts.
  • Desktop devices tend to last the longest.
  • Consider an easy-to-replace, affordable concentrate pen if you have a habit of mishaps

The AirVape XS is an excellent example of a stainless steel shell paired with forward thinking design for damage-free travel, plus a lifetime warranty.

Difference Between a Good Vape and Bad Vape? Massive and Life-Changing. 2


Now that you’ve got a strong shell to protect it, the interior components of a vaporizer should be as tough as you can get without sacrificing purity.

Some factors in balancing interior purity and durability:

  • Metal and plastic components do not always deliver clean vapor and may distort flavor
  • Quartz, ceramic, and glass are premium materials with medical grade purity but higher breakability
  • Atomizers will always be the first piece to break; they’re where most of the heating action happens and therefore a lot of wear
  • Coils are the most delicate and easy-to-eff-up part of the atomizer, so many people opt for strong titanium coils or just go completely coilless (with waxes) to amp up durability

The Puffco Plus marks the crosshairs of strength and cleanliness with a coilless, fully ceramic heating chamber.


This element is often overlooked, but can be a make-it-or-break-it factor. Nothing is worse than only making through half of an herbal adventure before your vaporizer dies with no charging source in sight.

When taking in battery specs, keep in mind:

  • Lithium-Ion batteries are most popular among portables
  • Desktop devices have the most consistently powerful puffs, at the expense of portability
  • mAh = power / time. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life
  • How long you personally need to go between charges, and if you need a USB-friendly charger

From the creators of the unstoppable Volcano, the Plenty Vaporizer is a perfect blend of outlet-power and passability.

Difference Between a Good Vape and Bad Vape? Massive and Life-Changing. 3

Pure vapor, clean yet tough construction, and an ample power source that extends your herb supply can transform the vaping experience. It just might change your life.

With these quality basics under your belt, you can personalize your device with one-button activation versus digital temps, styles and aesthetics, and performance with your preferred dry herb/oil/wax. Even add in extravagant features like water filtration in the new Hydrology9 design!

If words like “atomizer,” “combustion,” “ceramic,” or “one-button activation” are utterly meaningless to you, check out this beginner’s guide to the bits and pieces that make up a vape from the inside out.

Source: cannasos.com

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