Christmas Gift Ideas for The Cannabis Curious

Whether you’re shopping for the ganja lover in your life or looking for some non-psychoactive options to introduce a loved one to cannabis, it can be overwhelming deciding what to buy. From flower and extracts to topicals and edibles, not to mention a host of accessories to spice up your cannabis routine, we’ve got you covered with some gift ideas for each of these categories.


Looking for a CBD gift for a friend, family member, or pet? The Altrufuel line of supplements has you covered! Collagen and CBD mixtures for the health enthusiast, Unwind for the insomniac, and CBD pet tinctures and treats for your furry friends during the holidays.


Arguably the “best vaporizer on the market,” the DaVinci Miqro is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, designed to help consumers microdose on the go throughout the day. Small enough to fit in your person, the MIQRO also features a mechanism to adjust the oven capacity up to 50 percent to heat up your ground up cannabis as much or as little as you’d like.

Magical Butter Machine

Designed for creating cannabis recipes based on infused butter, oil, and alcohol, the Magical Butter Machine combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit to grind, heat, stir, and steep your extracts at the correct times and temperatures. With this device, you can rely on easy and consistent edibles.


The lone Coyote is believed to be the harbinger of life and a symbol of new birth. It is an animal that’s associated with cleverness and deception, as well as being the shapeshifter of the animal kingdom. The Coyōté ceramic vase features a sand textured covering and a matte painted full-bodied base, creating a yin-yang balance of masculine and feminine energy. Exuding style and elegance is always a good look, regardless of gender. Let the Coyōté facilitate that for you.

Up Cannabis Rolling Tray

This aluminum alloy rolling tray is tumbled, finished, and anodized in Up’s signature red hue. It features a notch on the bottom left corner for pouring so that your workspace stays clean and your joints can stay full. Durable to last a lifetime, this tray is at once luxurious and edgy.

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