Choosing the Right CBD/THC Ratio for Maximizing the Therapeutic Potential

Finding your most effective CBD to THC ratio will aid in maximizing the potential medicinal benefits cannabis can provide.  Whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or embarking on a new treatment regimen that involves cannabis, a fundamental understanding of how to find your ideal ratio can help you achieve your desired results. A variety of vape oils, tinctures, salves, and edibles with numbers like 18:1, 4:1, and 1:1 — noting the amount of CBD to THC — have been showing up at dispensaries in recent years in both medical and recreational states. THC will make you high, while its sister compound CBD generally won’t — and has therapeutic potential.

It is true that most strains that have a high THC percentage tend to have low CBD levels, and the opposite tends to be true as well. CBD-rich cannabis strains usually don’t have high levels of THC either. Exceptions to this do exist, but what we’ve seen is the scientists who engineer these strains focus on one cannabinoid or the other.

CBD dominant options may also be effective for treating mood altering conditions such as schizophrenia due to its antipsychotic effects.  A German study published in March 2012 explored this in a double blinded clinical trial.

A study from October 2016 suggests cannabis may be able to assist with the symptoms associated PTSD.  PTSD is a very individualized condition, necessitating more studies but higher CBD strains may be a good option for reducing anxiety and stress.

All cannabis users want to get the best response from their product, but how this is achieved depends on the ratio of THC and CBD, and the strain. THC binds with CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the body while CBD binds with CB2 receptors. This means that a perfectly balanced strain would be the only way to get the results you’re after if you want to experience the effects of both THC and CBD.

The higher the CBD, the less of a high you’ll get from the THC, both because there’s less of it and CBD generally combats THC’s psychoactive effects, depending on the amount of THC you’ve consumed, according to cannabis researchers and producers.

For obvious reasons, if you are new to enjoying cannabis then you’re best to avoid strains with a very large THC content.

1:3 – A CBD THC ratio of this sort is often the most desirable one for a lot of people. The psychoactive nature of the THC is in place, but the lesser CBD content works nicely to counteract some of the common adverse effects listed above. This type of a THC CBD ratio is good for reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and promoting less inflammation.

In addition, strains with this type of ratio will often be an advanced pain reliever.

1:1 – This is your balanced THC CBD ratio. When you have a strain that is equal parts CBD and THC then it becomes less appealing to user looking to get ‘high’ exclusively, while becoming more appealing to people who enjoy the added benefit of a buzz but are really ingesting the cannabis to gain therapeutic benefits.

You can expect very effective pain relief and analgesic benefits from strains with this balance. They are good for relief of anxiety, spasticity, fibromyalgia, insomnia, nausea, and appetite stimulation.

CBD dominant ratios of 25:1 or 1:0 (hemp based CBD) offer no psychoactivity and may be most effective for curbing high anxiety, depression, seizures, psychosis, PTSD, and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease.

As with any treatment program, start small and work your way up incrementally.  Tapering up to the proper dosage is typical when one begins a new medication and medicating with cannabis is no different.  Cannabis is a very individualized medicine, so feel free to ask as many questions as you have from one of our knowledgeable Patient Consultants.  It’s strongly advised to consult with your primary care physician or specialist before starting any medical marijuana regimen.


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