Cannabis perfumes the ‘scent of the season’

Depending on the strain, weed tends to smell super dank, oftentimes comparable to a skunk. And even if you’re in love with the way it wreaks, is it really work-appropriate (or appropriate at all) to stink of weed? Usually after smoking, people go to great lengths to disguise the smell of the evidence. A smell that is quite potent and pretty universally recognized as the aftermath of some mildly illegal chill time.

Back in the day people used to put perfume or cologne on to mask the smell of weed. People are finally embracing the skunky smell of the sticky icky.

Perfume company Xyrena is launching what it calls the first “strain-specific cannabis perfumes.” While marijuana perfumes aren’t entirely a new thing, Xyrena is taking weed scents out of shops like Spencer’s Gifts and giving them a classier approach.

Xyrena is releasing three unisex perfumes based off the following strains strains: Blue Dream, OG Kush and Space Cake, all of which are available for $74.20.

Killian Wells, owner of Xyrena, explained in an email why he decided to create a weed-scented perfume.

“I’d already created a handful of avant-garde ‘VR’ fragrances for Xyrena, one of the most popular is Dark Ride which smells like water rides,” said Wells. “I’m not a fan of the skunk heavy scent of smoked bud I do like the aroma of many strains prior to being burnt, so I decided to capture their virgin essences as perfume.”

While the perfume doesn’t contain any actual cannabis Wells says they include “natural terpenes found in cannabis are utilized in the formulas such as pinene, limonene and caryophyllene.”

Marijuana is a perfume by Kolmaz for women and men.The scent is green-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average.

Junky, a perfume dedicated to the beatniks literature, spiritual and philosophical quests and lifestyles.

Conceptually it’s the path clouds of weed take someone to: inhale, relax, travel and wake up.

Junky, the perfume is a complex formula designed to open up in 3 stages: a hint of fresh hemp first, then the sweet heady trio of creamy gardenia, iris and violet, all settling into dry woody and resinous base of cashmeran, cedar, and cade, frankincense and sweet myrrh and Javanese vetiver.

You may be wondering: If there’s weed in this perfume, does it chill you out? It does, in fact. I wouldn’t necessarily be quick to deem this “cannabis in a bottle” (the scent certainly doesn’t get you high, unfortunately). But the earthy, musky elements are very reminiscent of incense and a yoga or meditation class.

So what’s more: The fragrance is definitely work-appropriate. “Cannabis” may be in the perfume’s title, but I can guarantee that you definitely won’t smell like you just stepped outside to smoke an L with your friends. It’s actually very versatile, and its sensual aroma is bound to make you feel sexy and confident at any formal or informal event.

Rose Amere du Desert by My Inner Island Perfums is a oriental floral fragrancefor women and men. The fragrance features desert rose, black orchid, cannabis, fern, cloves, patchouli, and exotic woods.

Cannabis Santal’s vanilla musk is definitely prominent, and intermingles with hints of chocolate and rose as well. The overall earthy and musky scent is grounded by a patchouli foundation, and buried deep in these musky scents is the cannabis. If you spritz the perfume onto your skin and breathe in deeply enough, you can detect the distinct and herbal quality of the cannabis. It is very subtle though, and the overall impression of the fragrance is that of a sweetly rich musk. I love musky fragrances, and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this one with its apparent fruity and citrus notes. But, to my relief, I found that I couldn’t detect any plum, orange, or strawberry. Fresh’s Cannabis Santal is also very masculine and a bit more like a cologne, which is perfect for anyone who loves more masculine scents.

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