Cannabis-infused makeup products that can do wonders to your skin

You know what happens to a brain on marijuana, but what about a face? Marijuana makeup almost always utilizes hemp seed oil, which is ultra-hydrating and can heal dry, blotchy skin say goodbye to those patchy red spots. Some makeup for weed lovers even contains CBD oil, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Other weed makeup simply celebrates our love for glitter and cannabis leaves.

Hey, not everything has to have a medicinal purpose, right? Allergy sufferer Autumn Williams was impressed after trying new vegan mascara on her sensitive eyes.

“It’s separating my eyelashes really well,” said Williams. “They already look twice as thick as they did before.”

Williams had no idea that the mascara is infused with Cannabidiol Oil also known as “CBD,” as extract used in various forms of medical marijuana.

“I think it’s fascinating,” said Lynda Hamilton of Oakwood. “It seems to be a new application but I would want to know more about the safety of it before I just started using it every which way.”

“There’s no reason to really stress out about it. There’s much more harmful chemicals in makeup than just that,” said Cindy Smith of Greenfield.

Dr. Gregory Samano said he is not surprised by the plant-based explosion and he only expects it to grow.

“These topical products, they’re not going to make you high or anything like that. They don’t have the psycho-active components in them,” said Dr. Samano.


Here are some Cannabis-infused makeup products that can do wonders if you’ll apply it:

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara:

Urban Decay is widely known for their coveted Naked palettes, but their Big Fatty Mascara is just as awesome.

Don’t believe it? The fact that it’s sold out almost everywhere really says something. If you manage to get your hands on this hemp seed oil-infused formula, you’ll probably also enjoy the cute, psychedelic packaging.


Kimmy gold leaf lipsticks:

Tattoo artist-turned-YouTube star Kimmy Tan launched a line of vegan and cruelty free lipsticks called Kimmy Cosmetics.

Her gold leaf lipsticks aren’t just ultra-lux, they’re infused packed with hydrating hemp seed oil. If that wasn’t enough to get your Mary Jane senses tingling, the packaging features big, gold cannabis leaves.


Cannuka’s ultra-rich balm:

This nourishes and protects dry skin with honey and cannabis CBD, derived from hemp.

Its calming properties are great for easily irritated skin, and it’s gentle enough to be used every day.


CBD For Life Lavender Rub:

When your muscles are screaming or your head is throbbing, this cooling balm with CBD, mint, and eucalyptus releases tension so you can blissfully rub away aches. (A lifesaver if you’re not into pain pills.)


Speakeasy Lip Balms:

These everyday balms are a who’s-who of moisturizing ingredients (jojoba oil, beeswax, castor oil, peppermint, vitamin E and pure golden cannabis oil, naturally). Plus, they both pack an extra kick: The black tube is pomegranate-flavored, with 10 mg. of THC, while the white one has a fresh spearmint taste


CBD Care Garden Caribbean Island Melt Body Butter:

A piña colada scent and antioxidant CBD extract, plus hydrating coconut, cloudberry, and tamanu nut oils, melt away stress and soften skin. Pair with the company’s Face Karma Anti-aging Moisturizer, which blends CBD extract with apple stem cells, amino acids, and peptides.

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