Can the weed users donate blood?

Donating blood is on the whole a praiseworthy way to give back to society. In order to make sure of excellence in donations, the facilities of medical extraction strongly hold on to guidelines that are considered to verify if an aspirant is well enough to donate blood.

Many individuals presume that smoking weed automatically excludes them to donate blood. After all, weed compounds are known to remain in the bloodstream and drug checks rely on the medium, when examining for traces of the marijuana in your blood. But does this signify that marijuana devotees can’t donate to their local blood drive? The answer for this is no Sure, you can donate blood.

On the whole, there are a few essential requisites that every person must meet before they donate blood. You must:

  • Be healthy enough
  • At least 17 years old or 16 with signed parental approval
  • Weight should be over 110 lbs

Luckily, the American Red Cross has given an authorized guide about this. In the official website, the American Red Cross declares that “marijuana or alcohol use does not inevitably disqualify you from donating blood as long as you are feeling well.” What does this represent? It basically signifies that individuals who smoke marijuana are allowed to donate blood, as long as they are in a completely clear-headed state while they do.

Some may disagree that it’s not morally ethical to donate blood if you are a marijuana smoker. The foundation of this judgment is the real fact that smoking weed will result in the existence of THC (a psychoactive compound) in your bloodstream, which is on the whole the major active component in weeds that makes you high. Approximately all of the blood-donating centres do not verify for this substance, hence there’s a possibility that a receiver will get a blood having THC and then as a result gets high which in few cases might result in a bad condition. Or else, if the Red Cross staffs refuses, you can plainly disagree that someone with high cholesterol is in fact worse than a person having THC.

Still, we need to comprehend how our body hold this THC substance. The liver metabolizes THC in the bloodstream by altering it into a non-psychoactive stuff. One can make an outcome that the body will ultimately clean the THC. Once the THC is cleansed from the bloodstream, a person will become clear-headed. As a result, the donated blood from someone who had been smoking cannabis is still all right because it doesn’t hurt the receiver. In other words, it can give you result in a way that you are fit to donate blood after you are in a clear-headed state.

How long you have to wait before donating blood?

Like we said previously that you have to wait until you’re clear-headed before you donate blood. Then the question will arise: how long? There are numerous opinions on this issue. Some physician declares that you must wait one day after you smoke marijuana, while some other are declares that you can donate blood in just after four hours after consuming that weed.

Everyone’s not alike, so it really depends on how your body hold the weed and how much marijuana you consume. Nevertheless, just for a wellbeing reason, I have the same opinion which is the first belief that you must wait for at least 24 hours before you giving your blood.

It is also essential to keep in mind that even though the Red Cross has released an authorized declaration about this, each of the blood donation centres might have a somewhat diverse approach. Some might be more adequate than others, while some other might say that your contribution will not be eligible because you still stink of marijuana.

My implication is to not to be upset and realize that the staff that rejects your contribution simply want the best for the receiver. Please come back after you’re wholly sober up may be the next day? and donate your blood. Trust me, many fellow individuals need these donated blood.

So the simple answer to the question: Can the wed users donate blood? Is that YES, you can in some situations, even those who consume weed three times a week can donate.

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