Avoiding Dry Mouth After Smoking Weed

Sometimes when people are smoking weed, they are unable to avoid dry mouth after the spliff or joint has been fully smoked. This is also called cotton mouth, which affects a lot of recreational cannabis users. There are specific ways to get rid of this, though. You just need to know how.

The dry mouth or cotton mouth while you are smoking cannabis is a familiar occurrence to many cannabis users on the global spectrum. However, since so many smokers report the uncomfortable and annoying side effect, could it have a scientific explanation behind it?

Even though, different people have varying degrees of dry mouth; some severe and others more mildly, it is sometimes quite inevitable and something you just have to accept. Sometimes, it can be avoided though by drinking something cold and doing so right after smoking cannabis. Prior to smoking cannabis, it is recommended that you know how to handle this predicament. Let’s see how we can best help you.

The Reason

First, you have to figure out the reason why this dry mouth or cotton mouth occurs. Firstly, the cannabinoids found in the cannabis has an effect on the nervous system. Scientists call this ‘xerostomia.’ Primarily, cotton mouth is caused by a cannabinoid known as ‘anadamide.’ A 2006 study indicated that a person’s submandibular gland is what mostly produces saliva in the mouth, which contains both type 1 and 2 cannabinoid receptors.

When these receptors were injected into rats during the study, the anandamide was noticed bound to these receptors. This limited the essential compounds used to produce saliva. When the person smoking cannabis feels like eating, it results in the nervous system producing saliva to initiate swallowing and to ingest the food accurately.

The customary cannabinoid THC and the anandamide will block the signal of swallowing and ingesting, subsequently causing dry mouth or cotton mouth, whether you consume edibles or smoke cannabis. The fact that you get the munchies after smoking cannabis makes it even more difficult.

Easing Dry Mouth

Don’t reach for a cold beer after smoking cannabis. That will only make matters worse. You should not drink things like tea, heavy wines and fruit juices either as they are attributed to dry mouth because the tannin contained within these beverages add to the dry mouth sensation. There is a simple solution. Just sip water frequently while smoking cannabis and it will fight against the dry mouth, actually lubricating your mouth. You could also chew gum, but only the ones that are sugar free.

This is one of the fastest, simplest and easiest methods of easing dry mouth after smoking cannabis. Chewing the gum will produce more saliva. In that sense, it won’t limit the cannabinoids signals. In a nutshell, any beverage or product that has less tannins will lubricate the mouth and ease dry mouth.

Don’t wait until you are experiencing cotton mouth after smoking cannabis to sip drinks low on tannins or to eat sugar free gums. You should be doing it through the smoking process. You could also opt for crushed ice, chewing it to produce more saliva.

Sugary Sweets

Try to avoid sugar free gums, but that does not mean that you have to avoid sugary sweets as these will increase the production of saliva. In addition to tasting good, it can be a great way to attack the munchies and get rid of dry mouth after smoking cannabis.

Sugar sweets take a longer time than chewing gums to dissipate in the mouth and it produces more saliva. Stay away from chocolate though because it is easy to dissolve in the mouth.

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